Focused Writing

Ulysses offers the essential tools for the entire writing process _and_ a distraction-free working environment. The following features aim to help keep you in the flow.

First-off, there is _Full Screen Mode_ (“View › Enter Full Screen”) – make sure to hide the library and the sheet list (`⌘3`) to block out everything.

_Minimal Mode_ makes the toolbar fade out in windowed mode as soon as you start typing or scrolling. You can activate it by unchecking “Always Show Toolbar” in the “View” menu.

_Typewriter Mode_ (“View › Typewriter Mode”) is comprised of several settings to help you direct your attention to _the very words you’re currently writing_:

– _Highlight_ fades out everything but the current line, sentence or paragraph, respectively.
– _Fixed Scrolling_ (also known as typewriter scrolling) keeps the line you’re currently typing in vertically fixed on your screen. It is available in several variants.
– _Mark Current Line_ highlights the line you’re currently typing in.

_Dark Mode_ is for those who prefer to write white-on-black. Toggle it manually, or choose to match the system’s settings (“View › Appearance”).

Tip: Do you work in Dark Mode and want to prevent the export preview from blinding you with its brightness? Make sure to select Reading Mode for the export preview. 😎

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